Sexual Harassment

Identify, prevent and deal with sexual harassment in your workplace.

When unlawful sexual harassment occurs in connection with a harassed person’s employment, even outside of the work premises, the employer can be held vicariously liable for the conduct.

All businesses have a strict obligation to minimise the risk of sexual harassment and properly respond to any complaints in their workplace. Fail in your duty of care to your employees and the consequences can be huge.

If a sexual harassment claim was made in your organisation, would you know exactly what to do? Could you prove that have done everything possible to prevent your employees from engaging in unlawful behaviour? 

In this eBook, you will discover everything must know and do about this serious issue.

We explain:

  • what constitutes unlawful sexual harassment;
  • how to recognise and defend a claim of vicarious liability;
  • how you should respond to a sexual harassment complaint;
  • how to investigate a sexual harassment allegation;
  • when employers, managers and directors can be found liable; and
  • how to educate your employees about sexual harassment.

    Understand exactly what your legal obligations are and learn how to effectively tackle sexual harassment in your organisation. Get your copy of Sexual Harassment today!

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