About Portner Press

Portner Press is a Melbourne-based business-to-business publisher that specialises in producing handbooks and other helpful resources for Australian businesses.

Our core products include the Employment Law Practical Handbook and the Health & Safety Handbook. We also produce a number of other business related products and resources as well as regular newsletters and advice for thousands of businesses throughout Australia.

We take complex legal, financial and administrative information and turn it into clear, readable language that everybody can understand. Our publications provide practical tips, case studies, definitions and legally compliant policies and documents to help simplify the workload of thousands of managers, supervisors and business owners across Australia.  They are designed specifically so that information is easy to find and subscribers also receive regular updates to ensure they are kept up-to-date with any policy developments or changes in legislation.

The Portner Press team of writers and contributors are all experts in their field – whether it be labour law, workplace safety, corporate taxation or social media. They are the first to know of any changes that might affect your workplace or business and all have a wealth of experience to pass on to subscribers.