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Mental Health at Work Guide

As an employer, you have a strict legal obligation to provide a mentally healthy environment for all your employees.

In The Mental Health at Work Guide, we outline everything employers must do to identify and handle mental health risks in the workplace, and create an environment that is mentally healthy and legally compliant.

The guide details:

  • the different types and severity of mental illnesses, what may cause them and how they can be identified by employers;
  • the potential economic costs to businesses, the prevalence of mental illness in Australian workplaces and the consequences businesses can face when they fail to manage it;
  • how workers with mental health issues are protected by law; 
  • what can cause mental health risks in the workplace and how to assess them; and
  • what managers must do to reduce mental health risks in their workplace and determine if they have a positive workplace culture.

    The Mental Health at Work Guide provides you with the information you need to minimise all legal and financial risks relating to workplace mental illness.

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