The Resolving Workplace Conflict Kit

Recognise personalities, know the processes – and act legally

Managing workplace conflict can be incredibly challenging and requires extreme care.

However taking the path of least resistance should never equate to sidestepping difficult encounters.

Unresolved conflicts can all too easily creep up on employers and have massive consequences; from dependable staff leaving, to long-drawn-out, threatening legal cases that could result in considerable damage and costs to your business.

Heavy expenses you can readily avert when you own the Resolving Workplace Conflict Kit.

This indispensable bundle includes 5 separate publications for one great price:

Conducting Workplace Investigations

Have every tool you need to run an effective workplace investigation. We show you how to:

  •  Assess allegations and judge when an investigation is required
  •  Effectively plan and scope an investigation
  •  Collect, analyse and document evidence
  •  Make findings of fact in a procedurally fair way
  •  Assess whether any proven misconduct breaches policies or procedures
  •  Write a comprehensive investigation report

Preventing Workplace Bullying

We examine how to deal with bullying in your workplace and outline all of your legal obligations. Checklists, step-by-step instructions, legal penalties and reasonable management actions are all covered in this eBook.

Managing Misconduct

Know exactly what misconduct is and how you can develop and implement workplace policies and procedures to help manage employee behaviour. Learn how to investigate allegations of misconduct while knowing the legal risks if you discipline or dismiss the employee being investigated.

Managing Grievances & Disputes

Grievances usually relate to issues around an employer, but can also pertain to colleagues. This report explains how to avoid liability when a grievance or dispute is raised and contains dispute resolution procedure checklists, and a downloadable template policy.

Managing Sexual Harassment

Find out what constitutes sexual harassment and how to investigate allegations when they are reported. Understand vicarious liability and how you can defend a claim of it. This guide is complete with comprehensive checklists and a legally sound sexual harassment policy template.

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