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Working Alone

Lone workers are at increased risk, no matter what their job is. Have you done everything to protect their safety?

Just because a worker might be out of sight certainly does not mean they are out of mind.

You have a legal obligation to manage the health and safety risks to any worker who works alone, regardless of what job they do. In fact, you must take even greater measures to ensure that the health and safety of workers who work alone is adequately protected.

In Working Alone, top health and safety lawyer Michael Selinger details exactly what you must do to minimise the hazards of working alone and comply with your health and safety obligations.

He explains how to:

  • identify the hazards to workers who work alone;
  • assess the risks that may result from the hazards you have identified;
  • determine what control measures to introduce to reduce those risks; and
  • implement effective control measures such as a working alone policy.

Make sure you have taken every step possible to protect the safety of your lone workers with this essential eBook.

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