The Community Service Leave Guide

In The Community Service Leave Guide, we detail what every employer must know about community service leave entitlements.

Written by accomplished employment lawyer and accredited workplace relations specialist Charles Power, this eBook explains:

  • Who is entitled to take community service leave
  • How employees taking community service leave are legally protected
  • What you are required to pay employees on jury service
  • What the courts pay for jury service in each state and territory
  • How to calculate payment for employees taking community service leave
  • Protections employees engaged in emergency services have under the Fair Work Act
  • Pay entitlements for employees engaged in an emergency management activity
  • How your obligations may vary under modern awards or an enterprise agreement
  • How to calculate payment in relation to jury service
  • And much more

    This easy-to-use guide provides you with all the information you need about community service leave and answers numerous commonly asked questions such as:

    • Can our employee work shifts around jury service?
    • Does an employee need to be a member of a recognised emergency management body to take community service leave?
    • Can an employee take community service leave due to a natural disaster affecting their home, e.g. flood or storm damage?
    • If an employee is required to take community service leave while on annual leave, do we have to reimburse the annual leave?
    • If a public holiday falls during an employee’s community service leave, are they entitled to be paid for that public holiday?
    • And many others 

    Make sure you know exactly what to do if a community service leave matter arises.

    With The Community Service Leave Guide you can accurately determine your employees’ entitlements - and your own employer rights - fairly and legally.

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