Annual Leave

Are you uncertain about annual leave entitlements? Get answers to your questions now.

Many employers aren’t 100% clear about annual leave entitlements.

Commonly we are asked:

  • How much annual leave can be carried over from one year to the next?
  • Can we ask our employees to take their accrued paid annual leave? What if the employee refuses?
  • If an employee gets sick during their annual leave, do we treat these days as personal or annual leave?
  • I have an employee on 3 months’ long service leave. Do they accrue sick leave and annual leave while not in the workplace?
  • Can we direct an employee to take annual leave over long service leave if they have accrued both?
  • And numerous other questions…

Determining annual leave entitlements can sometimes turn out to be surprisingly complex.

Depending on the employment situation, workers’ entitlements can differ.

However any queries surrounding this important area of workplace law cannot be left unresolved.

All employers have a legal duty to understand annual leave entitlements and if you get it wrong, it can be very costly.

In Annual Leave, we clearly explain every annual leave entitlement under various terms of employment, how it accrues, and how it is taken and paid.

This eBook details answers to the numerous questions employers have about annual leave.

It provides you with all the information you need to manage annual leave fairly and efficiently, and clear up any concerns you may have about your obligations.

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