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Plant Safety

Are your workers risking life and limb? If you haven’t minimised all plant hazards they are.

Plant and machinery can pose serious, often deadly health and safety risks when it is not installed, used, or maintained properly.

While numerous types of injuries can result from unsafe plant use, the most common are caused by:

  • Contact: Such as cuts from sharp edges, burns, or electrocution from plant
  • Impact: Such as strikes or crushes from moving plant
  • Entrapment or entanglement: When fingers or other body parts, hair, clothing or jewellery become caught in plant
  • Ejection: When objects or parts fly out of or off plant

Anyone involved in the management of plant has a strict legal obligation to maintain plant safety. Legislation outlines specific duties for:

  • plant designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers;
  • the installation, construction and commissioning of plant;
  • the management and control of plant;
  • selling used plant; and
  • dismantling and decommissioning plant.

Written by prominent health and safety lawyer Michael Selinger, this eBook details everything you need to know about your obligations relating to plant safety.

It explains how to:

  • identify plant hazards;
  • assess the risks associated with the plant hazards;
  • implement effective control measures to reduce the risks; and
  • maintain your plant.

Ensure that your workers and your livelihood are properly protected.

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