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Do you think hard work won’t kill anyone?

That could be a fatal mistake

Worker fatigue isn’t just bad, it is life threatening.

Not only are fatigued workers slower and more prone to making errors, they are more likely to be involved in accidents and suffer injuries - in some occupations fatal.

But fatigue is dangerous in any industry.

Fatigue can cause serious health problems in workers, particularly when they are required to work long hours or irregular shifts.

As an employer, you have a strict legal duty to identify and minimise the risks of fatigue in your workers, even if demands outside of the workplace are a contributing factor.

Written by workplace lawyer and health and safety expert Michael Selinger, this eBook explains:

  • the health and safety risks of fatigue – both direct and indirect;
  • the causes of fatigue;
  • how to identify fatigue in your workers;
  • how to reduce the risk of your workers becoming fatigued due to excessive working hours and shift work;
  • what to do when a worker is fatigued; and
  • the additional laws that apply in the transport industry to help manage the risks of fatigue in heavy vehicle drivers.

Know exactly what action you must take to manage and reduce the risks of fatigue in your workplace and meet your health and safety obligations.

Grab your copy of Fatigue today.

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