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Chemical Safety

Are there chemicals in your workplace? Have you identified them and controlled all the risks they pose?

If you use, store, transport or dispose of any hazardous chemicals in your workplace, you have a strict legal duty to minimise the risks associated with those chemicals and ensure that your workers are not exposed to health and safety risks.

Written by health and safety lawyer Michael Selinger, this eBook shows how to implement an effective and legally compliant chemical safety management system in your workplace.

It explains how to:

  • identify hazardous chemicals;
  • ensure the safe use of hazardous chemicals;
  • safely store hazardous chemicals;
  • manage chemical-related emergencies, such as spills and fires;
  • safely transport hazardous chemicals; and
  • dispose of hazardous chemicals safely.

Make sure you have followed every precaution necessary to protect your workers and the environment from hazardous chemicals.

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