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Constantly ‘sick’ or late employees can hit your business hard

But so can managing them, if you don’t do it legally

Research shows that employee absenteeism costs Australian employers $33 billion per year.

But you are probably all too aware of the real costs yourself.

Staff who are frequently absent or late can seriously impact your bottom line.

Their absenteeism can also have a negative knock-on effect on other co-workers, leading to a decrease in team morale and lower productivity.

However, before you take any action, you must carefully plan first.

Managing absenteeism is fraught with legal risks.

Risks that can put your business in further financial jeopardy.

Written by employment lawyer and workplace relations expert Charles Power, this eBook explains:

  • the causes of absenteeism – both personal and work related;
  • how to reduce the risk of work-related absenteeism;
  • how to manage an employee who is frequently late or
  • absent from work; and
  • the legal risks of disciplining an employee for absenteeism and how to manage these risks.

Know how to manage employee absenteeism legally and effectively and take control of your organisation.

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