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The Personal/Carer's Leave Guide

Determining personal/carer’s leave entitlements should not be difficult

That’s why we have this essential guide to make meeting your legal obligations easy

In The Personal/Carer’s Leave Guide, prominent employment lawyer and workplace relations expert Charles Power has simplified the complexities that can surround personal/carer's leave.

The eBook details:

  • Exactly when personal/carer’s leave can be taken
  • How personal/carer’s leave accrues
  • When it is reasonable to ask an employee for evidence taking leave
  • What you need to know about disciplining an employee for taking leave
  • 7 conditions that must be met before cashing out personal/carer’s leave

In this guide you will find multiple:


Make sure everything is done to the letter of the law. Don’t miss out on any details.


Receive helpful hints from an employment law expert.


All legal terms have been translated into plain English.


Download checklists, a policy template, and other important, professionally drafted paperwork, all legally compliant and ready to edit and use.


Know what can happen in a number of different circumstances and how to appropriately respond.

Case Law

Find out about what has happened when cases have reached court and what employers can learn from the outcomes.

Don’t let a simple miscalculation or misunderstanding turn into a highly costly legal mistake.

With The Personal/Carer’s Leave Guide , you can be certain you have done everything to meet all of your legal obligations and protect your business.

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