The Obesity Report

Managing obesity is not discrimination when it’s a health and safety concern

Obesity is a sensitive subject that can be difficult to address.

But with nearly 5 million Australians now classed as obese, it is an issue that cannot be ignored.

While it’s the individual’s responsibility to look after their own health, employers also have a primary duty of care in relation to this.

Is your employee undertaking sedentary work or shift work?

If so, do you know what your obligations are under health and safety legislation?

In The Obesity Report, a team of Australian workplace safety experts provide strategic advice and analysis on occupational obesity and how you can successfully manage it in your organisation.

This paper examines:

  • Health conditions that are linked to sedentary work and shift work

    You have a primary duty of care to ensure the health and safety of your workers

  • The legal duties both employees and employers have in relation to obesity

    Australian law outlines everyone’s responsibilities in minimising this hazard

  • 4 important steps to take when you have an obese worker

    Help your workers get fit for work again

  • How to create an effective health and wellness program for your workplace

    Learn how to avoid common mistakes and devise a plan that actually works

  • The outcome when an obese worker got sacked and sought compensation

    Did the employer follow all of the right processes? We reveal what happened

  • Legal questions around dealing with obese employees

    We explain how you can approach overweight employees without being discriminatory – or offensive!

  • And much more

Nearly two thirds of Australians are either overweight or obese, and this growing issue now presents major concerns in all areas of business.

The Obesity Report is an absolute must-have for any manager who wants to educate themselves about this delicate subject to meet their health and safety obligations.

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