How to Develop a Safe Operating Procedure

Don’t wait for a workplace inspector to tap you on the shoulder, or even worse a disaster to happen

Manage risks before an incident occurs

Produced by health and safety expert and partner lawyer at Holding Redlich, Michael Selinger, How to Develop a Safe Operating Procedure shows you step by step how to identify risks and hazards, how to train your employees to work safely and how to implement safety procedures effectively.

In this guide you will find multiple:


Receive handy hints from a prominent health and safety law expert.


Know exactly what every legal term means.


Understand what can happen in a number of situations when developing your safe operating procedures.


Download the following fully editable and legally compliant document templates:

  • Safe Operating Procedure
  • Hazard Register
  • Health and Safety Document Control Register and
  • Training and Induction Record Sheet

Don’t let such a basic workplace requirement be left unaddressed.

Demonstrate your commitment to managing safety to protect your workers and your business.

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