Employment Contracts Package

Talk can be cheap

But get it in writing with a legally sound contract and it can be priceless

Regardless of what business you operate in, if you employ any staff, it makes sense to have a properly drafted employment contract.

Not only will it give you control over your employee’s ability to leave your business, as well as protect your confidential and sensitive business information, it can also help you attract better staff.

If you are able to offer more beneficial employment terms or greater security to a talented potential employee – in writing - you can entice them to come and work for you over your competition.

But before you start, you must understand the various types of employment contracts that exist – and how each kind of contract affects the relationship you have with your employee.

It is essential for any employment contract to establish that:

  • your employee has voluntarily taken on a legally enforceable duty to work;
  • your business has voluntarily taken on a legally enforceable obligation to pay wages in return for that work;
  • both your business and your employee intend to be legally bound by your obligations, which are continuing and mutual, i.e. your employee’s performance of their obligation must depend on the performance of your obligation; and
  • essential terms, such as pay and the type of work to be performed, have been agreed on by both parties.

So how do you create a legally binding contract that’s suitable for you - without breaking the bank in solicitor’s fees?

Discerning employers use the Employment Contracts Package.

This package contains everything you need to draw up a legally sound employment contract, whatever type of contract you want to draft.

Produced by the lawyers at Holding Redlich, they have made creating these important legal documents incredibly easy.

In the Employment Contracts Package you will find:

5 x Employment Contract Templates

  • Casual Employment Contract
  • Ongoing Employment Contract
  • Fixed-Term Employment Contract
  • Non-Employment Agreement (Unpaid Work)
  • Parallel Employment Contract Arrangement for Secondment

To complete these contracts, simply replace the red text with the relevant information and customise to your situation and workplace. Add your company logo, carry out the due process and your contract is complete.

2 x Step-By-Steps

  • How to ensure an employment contract is legally enforceable
  • How to determine whether an employment relationship exists

By following these walkthrough documents, you will know exactly what steps to take and that everything you have done is to the letter of the law.

2 x Guides

  • What terms and clauses should you include in employment contracts?
  • 3 ways to establish a secondment

These guides explain all of the essential, advisable and optional terms and clauses you should know about, as well as various advantages and disadvantages to consider when creating an employment contract or establishing a secondment arrangement.

3 x Checklists

  • Important features of vocational placements
  • How to avoid illegal unpaid work arrangements
  • What to consider when drafting a restraint of trade clause

Be certain you have covered everything to protect yourself. Don’t miss out on any crucial details.

And what’s more, you only need to buy this once.

These employment contract templates can be used again and again.

Don’t draw a blank when trying to draw up an employment contract - or get caught out with an invalid document that offers no legal comeback.

With the Employment Contracts Package, you’ll never have to worry about employment contracts again.

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