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Noise Safety

Do your workers have to raise their voices to talk?

If they do, you could be stripping them of one of their five senses

Workplace noise is a serious health and safety hazard.

Exposing your workers to a single loud noise and / or long-term continuous noise can cause them irreversible hearing damage, including deafness.

Yet, the threat of noise at work is still widely underestimated.

To the detriment of workers and employers.

Each year, thousands of Australian workers receive compensation for permanent hearing impairment they have suffered due to workplace noise.

Do you know if you are putting your workers’ hearing at risk?

Written by workplace lawyer and health and safety expert Michael Selinger, Noise Safety shows you how to:

  • identify and assess the risks of noise hazards in your workplace;
  • use the hierarchy of control to reduce noise risks;
  • determine whether your noise controls are effective;
  • undertake audiometric testing; and
  • develop a hearing conservation program.

Be certain you have done everything possible to manage the risks associated with workplace noise and meet your health and safety obligations.

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