The Wages Guide

Don’t let a misunderstanding about pay entitlements land you in court

With The Wages Guide you can meet your legal obligations with ease

The Wages Guide details everything you need to know to determine your minimum wage obligations.

Step-by-step, this eBook clearly explains:

  • Your wage obligations
  • What the statutory minimum wage is
  • Industrial instruments specifying statutory minimum wages
  • What the national minimum wage is
  • National minimum wage orders
  • What the special national minimum wage is
  • How to determine an employee’s minimum wage
  • Paying casual loading
  • Paying overtime
  • Paying penalties
  • Paying shift allowances
  • Pay obligations when employees work outside their ordinary hours
  • How to determine whether you need to pay overtime, penalties or shift allowances
  • Absorbing allowances, penalties or overtime into an over-award payment
  • Requirements for making an Award Flexibility Agreement
  • Annualised salaries
  • How to calculate an annualised salary
  • What happens if you underpay an employee

We also answer these commonly asked questions:

  • Can I legally decrease an employee’s salary to cut costs?
  • How do we change the scheduling of payments?
  • Must we increase salaries in line with the CPI?
  • Are we obligated to pay interest on wages that are late?
  • When must the final payment be made to an employee leaving the company?
  • The casual loading under our employee’s award is less than that for employees not covered by an agreement or award. Which loading rate do we pay?

In this guide you’ll find multiple:


Receive practical knowledge from an accomplished legal expert.


Know what every legal term means.


Download checklists and editable templates including: an Award Flexibility Agreement, Annualised Salary Calculator, and an Employee Timesheet and Pay Slip


Understand what regulations apply in different situations.

When it comes to paying wages, there are no shortcuts or loopholes.

If the Fair Work Ombudsman discovers you’ve been underpaying staff, the penalties can be huge.

By understanding precisely what your obligations are, you can minimise your expenses while working within the law.

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