Managing Misconduct

Mistakes in managing misconduct can be incredibly costly, but can easily be avoided when the right information is at reach

Under common law and labour legislation, you have rights as an employer to demand certain standards of conduct from your staff.

At the same time though, these laws also protect employees and restrict what you can and can’t do when dealing with an issue of misconduct.

If you discipline or dismiss an employee for misconduct, you must follow every letter of the law if you want to stay out of the crosshairs of the Fair Work Commission.

The FWC cracks down on employers who think they can do whatever they want when dealing with a wayward employee.

Even if you believe if you’ve fairly handled a case of misconduct you could be breaking the law and come under the scrutiny of the FWC if an unfair dismissal claim is made.

In our eBook Managing Misconduct, leading employment lawyer Charles Power examines all areas of Australian law relating to employee misconduct and provides strategic, practical advice on how to effectively and legally manage it in your workplace.

With this comprehensive eBook you will discover:

  • What constitutes misconduct and serious misconduct
  • How to reduce the risk of misconduct occurring
  • Every step you must take when investigating alleged misconduct
  • Viable alternatives to dismissal
  • Correct guidelines to discipline an employee for misconduct
  • How to minimise your legal risks when dismissing an employee
  • How to provide notice of termination

Managing Misconduct 2018 includes multiple:


Know every detail to check when drafting a workplace policy and determining your legal liabilities.


Clarify any potential grey areas with easy-to-understand explanations and helpful tips.


Download multiple templates, step-by-steps and checklists – all legally compliant and ready to use now.


Our legal experts have years of experience acting for clients and know what can happen in various situations. Learn how you can respond accordingly.

Case Law

The law in this area is complex and numerous cases have made it to court. Find out what employers can learn from the outcomes.

With Managing Misconduct you can minimise any legal and financial risks and protect your business.

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