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It takes 68 days on average to fill a vacant position in Australia. And this isn’t to mention the organisational hassles and significant financial costs that can occur during this time.

In an employee’s market, merely being able to find and recruit top-tier talent is only half the battle.

Some say that hiring the right employees is an art, but smart employers know that it definitely doesn’t end there.

There are numerous things businesses must do to retain quality staff.

And among these is knowing what statutory leave entitlements employees have.

The Leave eBook Series covers all areas of employee leave entitlements with six practical, easy-to-follow workplace guides.

Taking the legal speak out of complex legislation, each eBook explains, in plain English, exactly what employers must do to meet their legal obligations.

In this bundle you will find:

The Annual Leave Guide

This guide answers numerous commonly asked questions about annual leave entitlements and explains how employee annual leave accrues, when it can be taken and how it should be paid.

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The Parental Leave Guide

Strict legislation protects the rights of workers who have families. Misunderstanding or miscalculating parental leave entitlements can amount to illegal discrimination which the Fair Work Commission can impose hefty penalties for.

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The Long Service Leave Guide

Calculating employees’ long service leave entitlements can often be tricky for employers, particularly in businesses that operate across different states and territories as these rights vary between jurisdictions.

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The Personal / Carer’s Leave Guide
*with The Compassionate Leave Guide

If you undercut the National Employment Standards’ minimum allowable entitlements to employees, your business can face a penalty of up to $63,000, while you, individually, can be personally liable to a penalty of up to $12,600.

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The Community Service Leave Guide

Employees who are called for jury duty, or volunteer to help in an emergency or natural disaster have special legal rights – and so do you if this impacts negatively on your business.

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By understanding leave entitlements, not only will you show a commitment to managing your workplace fairly in accordance with workplace laws, but also a commitment to your staff.

Ensure you are up to speed with leave and that your employees get the correct entitlements they deserve.

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