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Personal Protective Equipment

You have a strict legal duty to ensure your staff always use the correct personal protective equipment

Don’t let any misunderstanding or lack of cooperation put your business at risk

Personal Protective Equipment details everything you need to do to meet your health and safety obligations in relation to personal protective equipment (PPE).

Produced by prominent health and safety lawyer Michael Selinger, this guide comprehensively explains:

  • the types of PPE available;
  • when your workers should use PPE;
  • your legal obligations to provide and maintain appropriate PPE; and
  • the steps you should take to ensure you are meeting your PPE obligations.

In this eBook you will find:


Know that you have done everything to the letter of the law. Don’t miss out on any details.


Receive helpful hints from a health and safety law expert.


Know exactly what every legal term means.


We explain intricate processes in simple steps.


Download every checklist and step-by-step as well as a legally compliant PPE policy, ready to implement.

Case Law

Penalties for not meeting your legal duties relating to PPE can be considerable. Learn about previous court decisions.

Seeing that everyone in your organisation is provided with and uses the right PPE can often mean the difference between life and death.

Make sure you have taken the all right steps to protect your workers and your business.

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