With the coronavirus pandemic now upon us, it is more important than ever that workers practise good hygiene to prevent the spread of the disease.

In this guide we explain:

  • Why it is important to keep your workplace hygienic
  • How to determine whether your workplace is adequately clean
  • Workplace hygiene practices
  • How diseases are spread
  • Home isolation
  • Returning to work after home isolation
  • Controlling infection
  • Washing hands
  • How to minimise the risk of infection after a spill of bodily fluids
  • Food poisoning
  • How to keep kitchens and staffrooms hygienic
  • Keeping workplace amenities hygienic
  • Body odour
  • How to determine if your workplace at increased risk of disease
  • What Legionnaires’ disease is
  • Identifying workers infected with Legionnaires’ disease
  • Testing air-conditioners and hot water systems

This eBook also comes with a Workplace Hygiene Policy template.

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