Fire Safety Toolkit

Are your fire safety procedures up to scratch?

If they’re not, you could be putting your organisation, your livelihood and lives in jeopardy – for which you could be held responsible

In The Fire Safety Toolkit, eminent health and safety experts Michael Selinger and Andrew Douglas have supplied everything organisations need to keep up to date and in line with Australian fire regulations.

As a business manager or company officer, it is your legal duty to not only provide a safe workplace, but also train your staff about safety, as well as undertake risk assessments.

This Toolkit has been created to take the confusion and stress out of implementing satisfactory fire safety controls, so you can easily meet all of your obligations now and avoid serious problems in the future.

The Toolkit comprises:


A comprehensive eGuide to Fire Safety

This walkthrough guide explains every step you need to follow to manage fire hazards and emergencies in your workplace.

Important checklists including:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Electrical Equipment Safety Check

Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation Policy

A fully editable and customisable template to form an essential part of your organisation’s overall safety management plan.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

This template details an evacuation plan for mobility-impaired workers or visitors who may require special assistance and equipment in an emergency.

Inspection of Firefighting Equipment table

With this useful tool you can easily highlight the inspection due dates of your firefighting equipment and record when and who conducted the inspections.

Maintenance of Firefighting & Detection Equipment table

This table outlines the minimum requirements for checking, maintaining and servicing firefighting and fire detection equipment.

Important fire evacuation training documents

A Fire Evacuation Plan PowerPoint presentation, customisable to your situation and workplace, is paired with a Fire Evacuation Training Toolbox Talk, so you can train your workers about emergency procedures in the event of a fire.

Don’t let a fire ruin everything you have.

Make sure you have minimised all fire risks and are properly prepared to manage emergencies with the The Fire Safety Toolkit.

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