The Anti-Bullying Guide

Workplace bullying doesn’t just hurt the victims. It can also hurt employers - with massive fines and legal penalties

Since the introduction of the anti-bullying scheme under the Fair Work Act in 2014, the Fair Work Commission has been cracking down on employers who refuse to deal with bullying in their workplace.

This is on top of the already tough state legislation that applies when workplace bullying poses a health and safety risk.

Fail to correctly manage workplace bullying and you could pay the price.

Costs that are known to be associated with workplace bullying include:

  • Loss of staff
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Poisoning of business culture
  • Decreased productivity
  • High employee turnover
  • Damage to business reputation
  • And SERIOUS legal and financial penalties

Bullying claims can now run into millions of dollars and even result in prison sentences for individuals in some cases.

In The Anti-Bullying Guide, we detail everything you need to do to identify, prevent and deal with bullying in your workplace.

We explain:

  • What constitutes bullying and how to identify it
  • All of the health and safety and legal risks associated with workplace bullying
  • How to prevent bullying through legally correct policies and procedures
  • How to respond to bullying allegations and how to conduct an investigation
  • When and how to take disciplinary action if a bullying allegation is proven

This guide includes important:


Ensure that you examine every critical detail when drafting a policy or following a procedure and minimise your legal risks.


Download multiple templates, step-by-steps and checklists – all legally compliant and ready to use.


Our lawyers have years of experience acting for clients and know what can happen in various situations. Learn how to respond accordingly.

Case Law

The law in this area is still changing and increasing numbers of cases are making it to court. Find out what employers can learn from the outcomes.

Make sure you’ve done everything within your power to tackle bullying and avoid expensive penalties and litigation costs.

Get all the information you need to protect yourself and your workers in The Anti-Bullying Guide

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