Stand Downs

During difficult times and events – like the recent bushfires or coronavirus pandemic – you may find it difficult to give all your employees work. If this is the case, you may be entitled to stand down part or all of your workforce.

In this guide we explain:

  • What a stand down is
  • When you can stand down an employee under the Fair Work Act
  • When an employee is ‘usefully employed’
  • How stand down disputes are resolved
  • How the FWC will deal with a stand down dispute
  • How to implement a stand down
  • How to include stand down provisions in employment contracts
  • How to include stand down provisions in enterprise agreements
  • Whether your employees can work for another employer during the stand down period
  • How you can manage business interruptions without implementing a stand down
  • Laying off supplementary labour
  • Directing employees to take leave

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