Redundancy and Retrenchment

When redundancy is the only option left, it must be managed correctly

For most people, managing redundancy is an awkward and unpleasant task.

It is also one you cannot afford to get wrong.

If you fail to follow the right procedures, or don’t pay the appropriate costs, you can be liable for an unfair dismissal claim.

In any case, you must consider if redundancy is the only option.

When a redundancy is inevitable, it’s imperative that you handle it not only correctly, but also sensitively.

In our eBook Redundancy and Retrenchment, employment law expert Charles Power explores each aspect of redundancy employment law and shows you everything you need to know when managing a redundancy.

The guide explains:

  • What redundancy is
    Understand what the different types of redundancy are and when and how your business can legally implement them.
  • Situations where a redundancy can arise
    Find out when workplace changes such as a change in work location, or the employee’s duties and responsibilities can trigger a redundancy.
  • The legal risks of retrenchment
    Is retrenchment is the only available option? When a redundancy is not genuine, or incorrectly handled, your business can be left open to an unfair dismissal claim
  • Consulting employees about redundancies
    There are strict protocols enforced by the Fair Work Act that govern how employees are consulted about redundancies. Make sure you follow the right processes.
  • Redeployment and retrenchment
    Learn when you should consider redeploying an employee and, when you don’t need offer redeployment, how to issue a legally effective notice of retrenchment.
  • Your pay and tax obligations
    Under the Fair Work Act, employees have minimum statutory pay entitlements relative to their time of service.
  • Employees exempt from redundancy
    Identify the types of employees who aren’t eligible to receive redundancy benefits.
  • Reducing the impact of retrenchment
    Learn how you can work with employees to help lessen the impact of their retrenchment.
  • How to implement a redundancy
    Learn step by step how to properly implement a redundancy and meet your legal obligations.

The publication includes essential:


Our top employment lawyers provide you with sound, practical advice.


This eBook is packed with ready-to-download checklists, policy templates, forms and letters, all professionally drafted by employment law experts.


We identify what can happen in a number of different situations and show you how you to respond accordingly.

Case Law

Find out about the cases that made it to court when employers didn’t follow their legal obligations.

Redundancies and Retrenchment provides you with all the tools you need to implement a redundancy fairly and correctly and protect your business and your employees.

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