Managing Lawful Dismissal

Prepare now to avoid legal and financial risks later

Most sensible managers understand that they can’t just tell an employee “you’re fired”.

But even if you deal with an employee dismissal in a civil and prudent manner, if you’re not entirely familiar with every detail of the law, you can leave yourself open to an extremely costly legal claim.

The cost of merely defending an unfair dismissal claim can be tens of thousands of dollars, especially when an out-of-court settlement is agreed to.

And more cases are being formally heard by the Fair Work Commission. In the 2016-2017 financial year, the FWC reported over 7000 settlements involving money, including over 30 where the employee received a payout in excess of $40,000.

In Managing Lawful Dismissal, prominent employment lawyer Charles Power details everything employers must do to stay within the law when dismissing an employee.

This eBook explains:

  • What makes a dismissal unlawful
  • When and how to lawfully dismiss and employee
  • How workplace policies and procedures can be used to manage a dismissal
  • Effective alternatives to dismissal
  • Your notice and termination pay requirements

The guide comes with vital:


Know that each step you take is to the letter of the law.


Access every letter template, checklist and step-by-step you will require – all legally compliant, editable and ready to implement.


Our legal experts outline what can happen in different situations and how you can respond accordingly.

Case Law

Many unfair dismissal cases reach court. Find out what can be learned from the outcomes.

When dismissal is the only option left, you must act very carefully.

With Managing Lawful Dismissal you have all the information you need to minimise any legal and financial dangers and manage a dismissal successfully.

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